Stormzy insists Africa is currently producing the best music
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Stormzy insists Africa is currently producing the best music

Stormzy is undoubtedly one of the most famous rappers in the UK currently and has accumulated quite a following over the years. First emerging in 2014, his ‘Wicked Skengman’ freestyles took over the internet and ever since, he has been a mainstay in popular culture. However, in a recent interview, he let it be known where he thinks the best is currently being produced.

The 29-year-old British-Ghanaian emcee recently sat down for an interview with Dazed, during which he spoke on various topics, from his career to his plans for the future. However, he also addressed the state of music globally and, in his humble opinion, the best music at the moment is being made in Africa. In recent times, genres such as Afrobeat and Amapiano have seen a growth in popularity. However, not many would assert that these genres trump others, such as UK Drill and the like.

The ‘Big For Your Boots’ artist seemed proud, and despite being born and raised in the UK, he was confident that neither the US nor Britain could currently compete with the motherland. Elaborating on why he believes the continent is presently on top, the musician explained: “People are just being unapologetic in their Blackness, and it’s the greatest music on Earth right now.”

He continued: “The greatest music on Earth is coming out of Africa. Even that is just inspiring: be your Black self. And look! It’s got the world on fire. I’ll tell my kids I was a part of this time in culture. I had an offering. I was here; I was a part of it.”

The continent has produced its fair amount of crossover artists, such as Wizkid and Burna Boy, and other acts, like Asake, are making significant headway in the UK, which has a fair-sized West African population. The ‘Vossi Bop’ star has been spotted more than once at the renowned Afro Nation festival and has previously performed at the Global Citizen Festival in Ghana.

With acts such as Drake endorsing the African sound and wanting in on the movement, it would appear that the Croydon rapper is somewhat right in his assertion. Below you can hear Stormzy’s own collaboration with the Nigerian artist Burna Boy.