Soulja Boy says he made $1 million in a single day
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Soulja Boy says he made $1 million in a single day

Since his breakout single ‘Crank That,’ Soulja Boy has become one of the most despised MCs in hip-hop. The Atlanta artist (real name DeAndre Way) is known as a brash, arrogant and flashy character whose material does not match his ego. However, the emcee did have an undeniable impact on rap music.

Since 2007, he has had feuds with multiple rappers and always competes with people concerning material things. From watches to hit singles, Way has found himself humiliating artists like Tyga, Drake, J Cole and many more.

Unfortunately, the Georgia emcee has not changed his ways and recently proclaimed that he made $1 million in just one single day, and he provided screenshots in an attempt to back it up.

Taking to social media as he often does, the ‘Crank Dat’ musician posted a screenshot from Warner Music for just over $1million, writing, “I made a million dollars in one day, that’s crazy!”

The day after, Way followed up his original post with another screenshot showing several pending payments of different amounts, including payouts for $150k and $294k, respectively. Under the pictures, Way wrote, “You do the math.”

This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has bragged about his allegedly massive income. In October, the artist took to Instagram Live, claiming he charges seven-figure fees for features. Many disputed the claim, saying the Atlanta native is no longer relevant in hip-hop. However, Way persisted with his claim.

Ranting to his followers, Soulja exclaimed, “If you want a verse, it’s gon’ cost you a M. You want a show, it’s gon’ cost you $100k. You want an after party, it’s gon cost you 50 bands. We just turnt Texas up. This what it’s gon’ cost you. No cap. That’s just what it’s gon’ cost you.”

You can see Soulja Boy’s outlandish tweet below.