Soulja Boy aims at J Cole: “F*ck you and ya fans”
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Soulja Boy aims at J Cole: "F*ck you and ya fans"

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy recently entered a heated dispute with Fayetteville emcee J Cole following the ‘Power Trip’ musician’s recent criticism of his material on an internet series.

During a recent appearance on Lil Yachty’s A Safe Place podcast, Cole unveiled what he thought about Soulja Boy’s music when he initially heard him in 2007 following the release of his hit ‘Crank Dat’. Talking with the hosts, Cole admitted he wasn’t impressed by the Atlanta rapper and thought his music was below average.

After hearing this, Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Way) took to X/Twitter to express his outrage at the comment and went on a rant at Cole, writing, “You a bitch @JColeNC fuck you and ya fans. [100 emoji].”

He continued, “Just know your signed to a 360 deal and get 20% of your money. I own my label and get 100% of EVERYTHING @JColeNC. Stay in your lane, you an industry puppet [100 emoji].”

However, Way’s rant was far from over. Making sure he got his point across, he wrote, “Fuck clout. Fuck fame. Fuck streams. Don’t want me replying to shit don’t speak on me @JColeNC you a bitch, and it’s stamped. Keep my name out your mouth. [100 emoji] I’m not one of them. I don’t care what you was trying to say.”

Cole’s comments were not nearly as harsh as Soulja’s response. During the interview, Cole told Yachty, “Around the time Soulja Boy came out, I don’t know how this happened, but I had a realization within myself ’cause I’m hearing that shit and I’m like, ‘Man, this shit, Soulja Boy tell em,” he began. “Sounds crazy to say now ’cause it’s such a classic to me, but at that time, I had resistance. Similar to when you came out and your class came out, I had resistance.”

Soulja Boy is well-known for starting feuds with other artists. In 2018 he had a long-running beef with Young Money rapper Tyga and was mocking his song ‘Taste’ insisting he hadn’t had a comeback and was irrelevant. You can see Way’s tweets to Cole below.