Soulja Boy claims Kanye West got him removed rappers’ albums
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Soulja Boy claims Kanye West got him removed rappers’ albums

Soulja Boy has claimed that Kanye West’s actions have taken him off other rappers’ albums.

Recently, the two artists fell out after Soulja Boy was removed from Donda without Ye reaching out to him and explaining why he had cut his feature. 

Then in an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast, Yeezy addressed the fiasco and revealed that Soulja didn’t make the album because his addition was “trash”. However, he later apologised and shared a screenshot of his text to the rapper in a now-deleted Instagram post, which read, “Love you bro. I should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse.”

Now, Soulja has suggested that West’s omission of his verse has led to Stunna 4 Vegas and Lil Yachty also cutting him from songs. He said on Instagram Live, “This is a PSA. This is a public service announcement. None of you rappers call my phone no more, please. I’m begging y’all.”

He continued, “Kanye, this is your fault. Before this Donda album shit, nobody wasn’t trying Big Draco like that. Now you got Lil Yachty sending me songs, and taking me off the song. You got Stunna 4 Vegas sending me songs, and putting the songs out with Big Yavo and SSG Kobe. What is going on around here?”

Watch Soulja’s rant below.