Snoop Dogg says a “Death Row summer album” is on the way with new single
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Snoop Dogg says a "Death Row summer album" is on the way with new single

When Snoop Dogg acquired the deeds to Death Row records the hip hop world waited with bated breath. A returning hero here to raise the former glory of Death Row, out of the ashes, and back into the light. However, his big project soon hit a series of little snags. Now, however, Snoop has finally given us something to cheer about — a new single and the promise of a Death Row summer album.

Snoop released his most treasured albums through Death Row Records, namely 1993’s Doggystyle and the 1995 Murder Was the Case soundtrack but had struggled to realise his vision for the label since picking up the rights. However, in a new Instagram post, Snoop has confirmed a compilation LP in the offing as well as a new single to get the party started.

“About to drop this Death Row summer album,” he said after taking a hit from his blunt. “A Death Row Summer. New single just dropped last night. Check it out. We’ve been in the metaverse, now we back in the universe.”

The new track sees Snoop working alongside October London and is titled ‘Touch Away’ and also has collaborations from Soopafly, Kanobby and DJ Bombay. It might mean that Snoop Dogg‘s summer is about to get real hot.

Judging by this verse: “We ran the whole summer, winter, fall and spring/From Def Jam back to this Death Row thing/And now I’m in control so I call the shots/I’m sitting at table, I run my own label,” Snoop still has a lot to give.

Listen below to Snoop Dogg’s new single ‘Touch Away’.