Snoop Dogg once admitted he likes to use ghostwriters
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Snoop Dogg once admitted he likes to use ghostwriters

Snoop Dogg is one of the most well-known rappers alive and, akin to the likes of Jay-Z and Eminem, is renowned for being a lyricist. However, in an interview, he once admitted that he doesn’t mind using ghostwriters when occasion warrants.

During the run-up to the release of his Netflix show, Day Shift, Snoop (real name Calvin Broadus) made an appearance on the Rap Radar podcast with Brian ‘B.Dot’ Miller and Elliott Wilson to speak about his lyricism and unveiled that he is perfectly happy letting other artists write for him at this stage in his career.

Explaining how he began his career as a songwriter, Broadus stated, “I started off writing! I started off writing for Dr. Dre, so what would I be if I didn’t allow somebody to write for me? Sometimes you gotta put yourself in the frame of letting somebody else depict a better picture for you because you can’t see everything.”

Despite his legendary status as a producer, many lyricists have worked for Dr Dre. Not only did Jay-Z write ‘Still D.R.E.’, but Eminem even wrote ‘The Watcher’ on his 1999 album The Chronic 2001. 

Having seen talented ghostwriters craft hits for Dr Dre, Snoop has always been happy to allow new talent to help him. As such, that’s why he allowed Cordae to write for him on his latest album, BODR. The North Carolina artist was behind the track ‘We Don’t Gotta Worry No More’, which was about Snoop Dogg’s mother, and the song was somewhat prophetic.

Speaking to the podcast hosts about the track, Broadus explained, “The beauty of that is, he wrote some lyrics about my mama. My mama was in great health when he wrote that, but by the time we put that out, my mama passed away.”

Reciting the lyrics, Snoop rapped, “I shed a tear as I stare in my mom’s eyes / Yeah I prophesized it and I manifested / Yeah my pockets was skinny, yeah they was anorexic / Yeah, I beat a murder case and made your favourite records / Let me say this message.” He concluded stating it was crazy a “young man could write that for me.”

You can hear the track in the video below.