Why Warren G chooses Eminem over The Game
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Why Warren G chooses Eminem over The Game

G-funk legend Warren G (real name Warren Griffin has been a respected figure on the West Coast since the early-90s and continues to be a source of exciting opinions concerning contemporary rap music. However, he also has a view on 2000s hip-hop.

Like his step-brother Dr Dre, Warren G has a lot of love for Eminem and even defended him when Melle Mel tried to diss him. In a recent appearance on the Drink Champs podcast with Noreaga and DJ EFN, he weighed in on the clash.

Addressing Melle Mel’s diss track, ‘Kickback’ aimed at Eminem, Warren G highlighted where he went wrong, stating, “Everybody would have been like ‘Okay wait a minute now’ if he had done the diss over ‘The Message’…but the record he did was like you doing some shit way back from that era.” 

He continued, “He should have done it over a different type of music. He went super old school with it. He should of come up to this era and get down on this type if shit.” However, this was not the only view Griffin espoused.

Further on in the interview, Warren G was asked to reveal who he believes is better concerning The Game and Eminem. The hosts were shocked at his response. As a West Coast emcee, they had assumed Griffin would have immediately chosen The Game. However, he chose Em.

Elaborating on why the Detroit lyricist is better than The Game, Griffin highlighted ‘The Watcher’, a track on Dr Dre’s second album, 2001, written by Eminem and explained it was amazing how the lyrics sounded as if Dre had written them himself.

Explaining his decision Griffin stated, “Eminem is dope. I ain’t saying The Game ain’t dope, but you gotta look at what motherf*cker wrote. ‘Things just ain’t the same for gangstas’. He wrote that. That’s one of my favourite fucking songs. For Dre! How the f*ck can you write this for this n*gga, and the shit sound like it’s him.”

He finalised divulging, I promise you, that motherf*cker wrote that shit like he was inside Dre’s body, in his head. That shit was so mothef*cking hard! So, when you asked me that, I had to five it to him on that one. Because that shit was dope.” You can watch Griffin’s interview below.