Skepta reveals he has been battling extreme health issues
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Skepta reveals he has been battling extreme health issues

UK grime artist Skepta (real name Joseph Adenuga) recently revealed that he has been battling ongoing health issues as he opened up to fans on social media. The rapper, age 39, recently took to Instagram to share the state of his current wellbeing and explain how he has been battling health issues on and off since his early twenties.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Adenuga disclosed how behind the scenes, he’s been struggling with stomach issues for the best part of 20 years and let fans know that although he has had an endoscopy, it’s still not entirely clear what the root of the issue is. In one story, the rapper wrote, “Through song lyrics or word of mouth some of you know I have suffered from IBS/Stomach Ulcers/problems since my early 20’s,” and divulged that, “apart from me not being able to maintain a steady weight, depression, short term memory loss it also controls my moods which has ultimately steered my Life.”

The ‘That’s Not Me’ rapper went on to detail that, behind the glamour and fame, he still deals with what he described as “crippling waves of pain” and explained to fans the necessary steps he will now be taking to tackle the issue concluding, “so I think the next thing for me to do is to book an MRI scan.”

In a bid to further connect with his audience, the star encouraged any of his fans dealing with similar issues to step forward and talk with him, stating, “if anybody has any experience or advice about this kind of thing, I would love to talk still.”

In his final story, the Tottenham rapper proclaimed he was “sending strength” to all those who (like him) deal with stomach issues and encouraged action, writing,  “The internal fights, the mood swings, losing things etc. are normal symptoms, just don’t let it ruin your life please get help.”

You can take a look at Skepta’s story below.