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Royce da 5'9" thinks West Coast rappers make the best albums

Royce da 5’9″ has claimed that West Coast rappers make the best albums in the world of hip-hop.

Any hot take of this nature is sure to ruffle feathers in the community, and Royce’s social media post did precisely that. Still, the rapper did receive plenty of love for his bold assertion, with many rap fans agreeing that the West Coast produces the best records.

“West Coast artists make the best albums,” Royce stated in his initial tweet. “I just realised this. KDot, Game, YG, NIP, Roddy, Quick, Dre, Snoop, Cube, Anderson, Schoolboy Q, damn,” he added.

Engaging with his fans around the topic, he added: “I thank Suge Knight Top Dawg and Wack 100 for this,” Royce said: “Important men in our culture who are underappreciated due to their reputations preceding them.”

Another fan pointed out, “Don’t forget, E40, ‘In A Major Way’ in 1995. Three singles dominated Detroit radio and the streets. Man single-handedly put Vallejo on the map. Mike Moseley, Studio Ton laced him with the funk for 40 to spit his patented game. The independent grind before streaming legendary”.

A claim like this is obviously subjective, and there’s no definitive answer about where produces the best rappers. However, maybe Royce has a point, and perhaps there’s something in the water in The Golden State which helps spark creativity.