Rick Ross takes on strange role in Florida local government
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Rick Ross takes on strange role in Florida local government

Rick Ross has a strange relationship with the local government in Florida. It is well-known within hip-hop that before rap, he was a correctional officer for the South Florida Police Department. However, he recently re-entered this realm.

On March 25th, the ‘Hustlin’ emcee hosted the inaugural Leadership Summit of the West Palm Beach Fraternal Order of Firefighters and was one of the many guest speakers.

The event took place at the Ben Hotel. However, he wasn’t merely a host. Following the summit, the lyricist (real name William Roberts) then took to social media to reveal that he had taken on a new role, writing, “Today, I became an official ambassador for the West Palm Beach Fire Department.”

Wearing a custom-made firefighter’s helmet, the emcee continued, “I had an opportunity of speaking on what it means to be a leader at the leadership conference.” The artist is now in partnership with the department.

In other news, Ross has had some issues with the mother of his son, Tia Kemp, who recently responded to a verse he had on Metro Bommin and Future’s track, ‘Everyday Hustle’. On the song he rapped, “Baby mama still the biggest opp / Team of shooters just to keep it locked.”

Kemp seems insistent that the lyrics were aimed at her despite the fact that Ross never mentioned her by name. During an Instagram Live, Kemp chastised the MMG founder, proclaiming, “You oughta rap about your muthafuckin children you around here hiding. I want to see my stepson, that look like Drake.”

She concluded, “You been doing that shit since our baby was five. For twenty f*cking years you played games. Rap at me on another song, I’m coming to that f*cking gate with them double R’s on.”