Rick Ross says hip-hop has embraced LGBTQ+ rappers
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Rick Ross says hip-hop has embraced LGBTQ+ rappers

Rick Ross has said that hip-hop “without a doubt” has embraced LGBTQ+ rappers.

The likes of Lil Nas X and Saucy Santana are at the forefront of making the genre a more diverse place. However, Nas X previously claimed that he didn’t feel that hip-hop had made him feel at home, which he felt was reaffirmed by Jack Harlow being the only male rapper who agreed to feature on his album.

“Honestly, I don’t feel as respected in hip-hop or many music places in general,” he explained in September. “But these are communities that I am a part of, whether people would like it or not.

“This is something that I wanted to do because, not that my entire album is rap, but there are rap tracks on my album. I am a rapper. I am a pop star. I am a gay artist. But it’s like, I belong in these places, you know?”

Now, Rick Ross has weighed into the debate while in conversation with Quentin Latham of FOX Soul and said, “I believe hip-hop has already embraced it. Without a doubt.”

When asked about fellow Florida artist Saucy Santana, Rozay said: “I’m not familiar with the name Santana. But live your life, chase your dreams and go hard, man. Go hard.”

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