Rick Ross faces backlash from fans over Jeffery Dahmer tweet
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Rick Ross faces backlash from fans over Jeffery Dahmer tweet

Florida rapper Rick Ross is one of Miami’s biggest stars and since his appearance on the scene in 2006 with his album Port Of Miami, Ross has been one of the hip hop’s mainstay artists. Ross undeniably had an exciting journey into the spotlight. Before pursuing his solo career, in the early noughties, Ross (real name William Roberts II) was part of the Miami rap group Triple C’s, alongside rappers Gunplay and Torch. Prior to pursuing music, the rapper was a correctional officer in South Florida but quit his job to pursue music full-time.

Since his breakthrough in 2006, Ross has been a fairly uncontroversial figure. However, that has all changed as of recent. Not only has the rapper recently been found guilty of violating minimum wage, overtime, and child labour regulations, but now he is being blasted by fans for wanting a pair of sunglasses similar to that of the infamous American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Streaming service Netflix is now home to a series entitled, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Based on a true story, the series explores the life and actions of Jeffrey Dahmer, known colloquially in the US as the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’. Dahmer is known as one of the most notorious and sick-minded criminals to ever come out of the United States. As well as being a cannibal, he was a paedophile, sex offender and murderer.

However, Ross is not phased by any of this and took to Twitter to tell fans he really wants his look, especially his glasses tweeting, “Locate me a pair of Dahmer shades.” The rapper has since deleted the tweet. Ross’s interest in the glasses spurred heavy backlash from fans who see it as perverse and a form paying unnecessary homage to a killer. One user wrote, “This man targeted young black and brown men, Ross, you can do better than give light to a monster.”

Some fans, however (although admittedly few in number) openly agreed with Ross. One fan replied, “Facts, so I ain’t the only one, f*ck what he did. Them shades fire.” As polarising as the tweet was, upon seeing the overwhelming reaction from fans, Ross simply deleted the tweet shutting down the entire conversation. 

Aside from the controversy he has been stirring up recently, Ross remains in the studio making music. The Florida rapper is set to appear on the upcoming Freddie Gibbs’ album $oul $old $eparately, as a featured artist on the song ‘Lobster Omelette’. However, fans have not heard anything about upcoming solo material from Ross.

You can watch the trailer for Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story in the video below.