Freddie Gibbs announces new album
(Credit: Carl Pocket)


Freddie Gibbs announces new album

Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs has announced his new album $oul $old $eperately. The rapper’s major label debut will be released on September 30th via Warner. The announcement is supported by the single ‘Too Much’ featuring Moneybagg Yo, coming complete with an opulent video, where we see the duo in the wealthy surroundings of a casino.

In the run-up to the album’s release, Gibbs undertook some mysterious advertising, with casino-themed billboards popping up across America with a number that gives clues and information about $oul $old $eperately.

$oul $old $eperately is Freddie Gibbs’ fifth studio album and is the long-awaited follow-up to 2018’s much celebrated Freddie, which featured cuts like ‘Automatic’ and ‘Death Row’.

It’s been a busy year for Freddie Gibbs. Back in May, footage emerged of the rapper being attacked by Benny The Butcher’s associates in Buffalo. The feud started when Benny appeared on Spotify Greenroom’s Most Necessary earlier in the year, and spoke about the lack of a relationship the pair have, despite working with each other working on ‘Frank Lucas’ and ‘One Way Flight’. Benny claimed that he and Gibbs’ friendship “came and went”.

Gibbs responded to the claims on Instagram, saying, “N**** said ‘working with Freddie Gibbs came and went.’ I know some other shit that came and went too, n****”.

He continued: “Just keep my name out y’all mouth, man, when y’all talking to people who are doing interviews and shit. Just say ‘next question, man. I don’t want to talk about that n****, man.’ Just say ‘next muthafucking question.’ For real.”

After the brawl in Buffalo, Gibbs appeared to address it in a text message which leaked online. It read, “20 n***** deep this all they did, couldn’t even take my shit. Tell them n***** come harder next time.” However, it’s yet to be confirmed that these messages came from the rapper.