Rick Ross denies being a hoarder after clip of cluttered home goes viral
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Rick Ross denies being a hoarder after clip of cluttered home goes viral

Rapper Rick Ross has shut down claims that he’s a hoarder after a video clip of his cluttered mansion went viral. 

Earlier this week, hip-hop publication XXL recirculated an Instagram clip in which Ross films heaps of clothes and shoes in the lobby of his opulent Miami home. “I’m trying to organise some of this shit,” he says in it.

“I got this shit spilling out every goddamn way. Should [I] have a damn yard sale?” Ross said before acknowledging that some fans would react by labelling him a hoarder. “This ain’t no hoarder. This rich boss shit going on.”

Following the clip going viral, yesterday (November 8th), Ross responded to the claims that he’s a hoarder in a separate Instagram video. In it, he questioned what it means to be such, opining that owning a myriad of cars and watches doesn’t fit the tag. “Is having 150-plus automobiles, is that hoarding?”, Ross asks. He then looked to his predominantly barren staircase, expressing that if the walkway wasn’t clear, “that’s when it’s hoarding.”

“It’s when it’s going all the way up the steps and it’s blocking functional space”, The rapper continued, “Until then, I’m just a fucking hustler.” Later, he maintained that he doesn’t consider the space available to him when purchasing items, saying that if he “went and bought another fucking truck full of books, I’ll… set ’em on the floor.”

He defended keeping the items, as “to me, it’s national treasures. Once I own it, it becomes a national treasure.”

Elsewhere, in a video posted on his Instagram last month, Ross revealed that he is constructing a car museum. He wrote: “Rick Ross car collection is expanded baby! We had to go bigger. We need more sh*t. We got more cars. We got 200, and we plan to get another 100 this year baby, so this one of the first of 3 we building. I’ll let you know the name of the auto museum. Let’s go!”