Rick Ross reveals he is constructing a car museum
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Rick Ross reveals he is constructing a car museum

Florida rapper Rick Ross is set to open a museum showcasing his car collection. The rapper has recently been in the news and received a lot of backlash on several fronts over the course of this year.

Not only was the rapper found guilty of violating labour laws earlier this year, but he also received severe condemnation on Twitter when he insinuated he wanted to look like Jeffrey Dahmer, a notorious cannibal, paedophile, sex offender and murderer.

Now, the rapper has taken to social media once again. However, this time it is to announce that he will be opening a museum. In a video posted to his Instagram story, the ‘Hustlin’ rapper let it be known that he has already received planning permission and that construction is ongoing.

He wrote a message in his story, reading: “Rick Ross car collection is expanded baby! We had to go bigger. We need more sh*t. We got more cars. We got 200, and we plan to get another 100 this year baby, so this one of the first of 3 we building. I’ll let you know the name of the auto museum. Let’s go!”

The Maybach Music mogul has been unstoppable recently. Outside of music, he has announced several new ventures. Earlier this year, Ross unveiled a joint venture with the company Hempacco, with whom he will be launching Hemp Hop Smokables. An exclusive and high-quality line of hemp cigarettes, smoking paper, and alternatives to nicotine tobacco.

In a statement from earlier this year, the rapper divulged: “I truly believe in the health benefits of hemp-derived products…Having had my own health scares, and through my healing process, I decided I would develop a line of smokables to help others with the benefits of hemp cannabinoids.”

You can watch the video from the rapper’s story below, which shows the museum under construction.