Rick Ross aims at Charlamagne for his praise of 50 Cent
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Rick Ross aims at Charlamagne for his praise of 50 Cent

Miami emcee Rick Ross recently took to social media to reprimand Charlamagne Tha God for his praise of 50 Cent and his antagonistic tactics concerning business by calling him a “diabolical genius.”

During an appearance on the Brilliant Idiots podcast with Andrew Schultz, the radio personality explained how he admires the way 50 Cent uses his beef to his benefit in a business capacity. While speaking to Schultz, Charlamagne (real name Lenard McKelvey) stated, “I’m a tell you why 50 is literally a diabolical genius…He’s telling people who the sponsors are so if they wanna harass Cadillac and AT&T, that’ll happen… don’t fuck with Fif.”

However, Ross, who has been on the receiving end of a lot of 50 Cent’s taunting and misbehaviour, was not happy when he heard The Breakfast Club host praising the Queens emcee for his goading and derision of people.

Taking to Instagram Live, the ‘Hustlin’ musician (real name William Roberts) unveiled that he doesn’t consider 50 Cent a “genius” and, in fact, believes he has made some ridiculous business moves, exclaiming, a diabolical genius “doesn’t file foreclosure, doesn’t file bankruptcy!”

The Maybach Music Group head then turned on Charlamagne for his choice of language, declaring, “Crackin’ jokes on somebody don’t make you diabolical. That shit ain’t diabolical. N*gga just havin’ a little fun. Get to the money! Gettin’ money make you diabolical. That’s what make you diabolical, Charlamagne. Stop dickridin’!”

50 Cent is well-known for trolling and participating in public feuds with other celebrities. Whether it’s Madonna, Floyd Mayweather or his son, the ‘In Da Club’ rapper is seemingly never afraid to share his humorous and sometimes controversial opinions. However, he has had several spats with Ross on Twitter, who is never amused.

Jackson has mocked Roberts about his former job as a corrections officer at the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County and even released a diss track entitled ‘Officer Ricky (Go Head, Try Me)’.