The rapper Juice WRLD thought was the “best alive”
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The rapper Juice WRLD thought was the "best alive"

Juice WRLD had everything in the palm of his hands when he tragically died, aged 21, in 2019. While the plethora of posthumous material has somewhat helped soften the blow of his loss, he is still a greatly missed figure.

The late rapper’s lyrics were largely centred around his mental health problems which only spiralled when he became famous. Out of desperation, Juice turned to prescription drugs to deal with his struggles, leading to him suffering a fatal cardiac arrest at Chicago Airport.

Even though he’s been in the ground for over two years, Juice remains one of the most streamed artists on Spotify, and he’s proving from beyond the grave that legends never die.

Growing up, Juice had inspirations from all across the musical spectrum, and that’s evident in his sound, which cultivated these different genres under the umbrella of hip-hop.

Speaking to Genius, Juice named his five favourite artists of all time and said: “Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, this rock band named Escape the Fate, and… I’m trying to think of the last one. Honestly, the last one, I would have to go with Future.”

This incident isn’t the only time he talked up his love of Lil Wayne, and he once told Complex he believed Weezy was once “the best rapper alive”. Juice remarked: “I have a very big appreciation and admiration of Lil Wayne. He changed the game when he came in the game. I still think to this day, when he was in his prime, prime, he was the best rapper alive.”

Unfortunately, they never had the opportunity to jump on a track together, even though Wayne sat at the top of Juice’s bucket list.

However, following Juice’s death, Wayne did pay tribute to him with an Instagram video which would have raised a smile from the late rapper upstairs.

The clip showed Weezy saying a short prayer dedicated to Juice while rolling a joint and listening to the fallen star’s collaboration with Future, ‘Fine China’, which featured on the mixtape Wrld On Drugs. It was captioned simply with “Say Less”.