Kid Cudi to write, direct and star in new Netflix movie ‘Teddy’
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Kid Cudi to write, direct and star in new Netflix movie 'Teddy'

Kid Cudi has signed a deal with Netflix for his semi-autobiographical film, Teddy.

Cudi recently starred in the horror flick X, which told the tale of a fateful porn shoot in Texas that became a nightmare. However, the rapper is looking closer to home for inspiration on his next film project, which is loosely based on his own life.

In an Instagram post, Cudi revealed that he first began working on the project back in 2013 and talked about the journey he’s been upon to make Teddy a reality.

The project will mark his first time as a director, and Jay-Z will co-produce the movie alongside Jeymes Samuel and James Lassiter. Furthermore, production companies Mad Solar and BRON are both attached to Teddy.

Initially, Cudi envisaged it to be a film, but he tried to turn it into a television series before switching Teddy back into a movie.

“I can’t wait for [you] all to meet Teddy, his friends, his family and take a walk in his world for a bit,” he explained. “If I could sum up what the movie is about in one sentence, I’d say this: It’s as if I took the song ‘Pursuit Of Happiness’ and wrote a movie about it.”

Cudi continued: “I added a lot of my own personal struggles and experiences in it, so this film is very close to my heart. I know, that deep down, this movie will help people in the same ways my music has. I’m continuing my mission. Now this is a comedy, but if wouldn’t be me if I didn’t sprinkle some real shit in there. Its trippy, its fun, its sad, its life.”