Rae Sremmurd list the ways they’ve “changed” hip hop
(Credit: The Come Up Show)


Rae Sremmurd list the ways they've "changed" hip hop

Rae Sremmurd have listed the ways they’ve altered the landscape of hip hop. Following the release of their new album Sremm 4 Life, Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi sat down to discuss how they’ve changed the genre over the last decade.

Talking to Complex, Swae said: “Some of the biggest influences we had, this haircut first of all. When we came in the game with the shaved sides and the dreads on the top, that just changed the game. We came with the AutoTune and the heavy reverb. You know, the melodies and the high-pitched singing tones and all that stuff. It definitely trickled down to a lot of people.”

According to Slim Jxmmi, they also bought their eccentric fashion sense to the table. “I feel like we made it cool to be yourself,” he said. “A lot of people do the same things, make the same type of vibes. We make different type of music, it’s fun.”

Slim added: “Anybody could listen to it. My brother, he say this all the time: it doesn’t matter what type of life you’re living, we got music anybody could [listen to]. ‘I ain’t got no type.’ I don’t care what you do, everybody could vibe with that. Male, female, it doesn’t even matter. We make international music that way.” Rau Srummurd released Sremm 4 Life, their first album in nearly five years, on April 7th.