Quavo reveals he has over 1,000 unreleased Takeoff verses
(Credit: Migos / Press)


Quavo reveals he has over 1,000 unreleased Takeoff verses

In a recent interview, the legendary Migos rapper Quavo recently unveiled he has over 1,000 unreleased verses from his late uncle and crewmate Takeoff. The ‘Honey Bun’ emcee will release his new album next month.

The lyricist is currently on a press run for his album and has spoken with several figures, most recently Jamie Crawford-Walker. In their conversation, he addressed many issues, including the sensitive topic of Takeoff’s death last November.

Quavo stated that his uncle’s passing had saddened him but also fuelled him concerning creativity. In conversation with Crawford-Walker, the rapper explained. “It means everything to me. Just being fuelled by my brother, Take, and bottling in all these emotions – all the pain, all the hard times, all the times I cried, and all the times I just made music to pull up and try to play songs, and he’s not there.”

Elaborating on how he’s still drawing inspiration from Takeoff, the musician continued, “I’m just trying to get this fuel from above and this fuel from the sky and call it ‘rocket power.'”

However, during his interview with Crawford-Walker, Quavo admitted that he is in possession of approximately 1,000 unreleased Takoff verses unveiling, “In this phone alone, it’s 150 songs. Every phone probably has 350 songs.”

Although fans will be overjoyed that there’s some unreleased music in the Migos vault, Marshall revealed he is still grieving after his crewmate’s death and emotionally admitted, “I think about him all the time. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. I just know he’s here. If I can’t feel him, I just know he’s around.” Rocketman will hit streaming platforms on August 4th.

Entitled Rocket Power, the upcoming project is named after the late Takeoff, whose nickname was ‘Rocket Man.’ In a social media post after June’s BET Awards, Quavo (real name Quavious Marshall) told his fans, “This album is a true reflection of how I feel right now. Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m down, sometimes I’m disappointed, sometimes I fall apart, but then I ALWAYS find my strength again.”