Watch Pusha T and Nigo’s video for ‘Hear Me Clearly’
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Watch Pusha T and Nigo’s video for 'Hear Me Clearly'

Pusha T and Nigo have released the video for their recent single, ‘Hold Me Clearly’.

It features on I Know Nigo, which arrived last week, and features an illustrious set of names from hip-hop that the Japanese fashion designer compiled. The opening track on the record sees A$AP Rocky team up with Tyler, The Creator on ‘Lost and Found Freestyle 2019’. Tyler will also appear on the closing track, ‘Come On, Let’s Go’.

Other artists who appear on the album include Pharrell, Gunna, Kid Cudi, Pop Smoke, his old collective, Teriyaki Boys, and of course, King Push.

Their collaboration, ‘Hear Me Clearly’, is not only one of the album’s highlights, but it’s also the catalyst that sparked the entire theme of the record.

Label boss Steven Victor told Complex: “Originally, it was supposed to be just Pharrell and maybe Pusha-T, but then I started reaching out to different people, and everyone was just like, ‘Yes!’ It was just super organic how it all came about. I think he’s in his zone, where he’s going for everything right now.”

He continued: “Human Made is going crazy, he just became the creative director of Kenzo. It’s just time, and music drives everything for him, so it makes sense that he’s in this particular space and making music.”

Watch the video for the track directed by Hidji below.