Pusha T and Nigo team up on new song ‘Hear Me Clearly’
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Pusha T and Nigo team up on new song 'Hear Me Clearly'

Pusha T has teamed up with Nigo on the new track, ‘Hear Me Clearly’.

The track is only just over two minutes long, but Pusha brings the fire to ‘Hear Me Clearly’ and flagrantly spits over a hypnotic beat that Nigo has served up. The rapper is currently riding high following the release of the Kanye West-produced ‘Diet Coke’, and ‘Hear Me Clearly’ is only going to add to the hype.

On the effort, he raps, “Kilogram Kickstarter, push a brick harder, Left my elbow in the pot, à la Vince Carter, Compared to two martyrs but I’m chasin’ moguls, Bosses meet for Hamachi in the back of Nobu, No phones allowed, no phones allowed.”

‘Hear Me Clearly’ features on Nigo’s new album, I Know Nigo, released on March 25th. The Japanese fashion designer is best known for creating the luxury brand, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), in 1993 before selling up in 2011 for $2.8m and departing two years later.

Outside of clothing, music has been his longstanding passion. He is the DJ in the hip-hop group Teriyaki Boyz who released their debut album, Beef or Chicken, in 2005 and their second album, Serious Japanese, arrived four years later.

Meanwhile, Pusha T has an announced new album on its way too, which Pharrell Williams and Kanye have produced.

Listen to their collaboration below.