Post Malone releases exciting new single ‘Mourning’
(Credit: Tore Saetre)


Post Malone releases exciting new single 'Mourning'

Los Angeles rapper Post Malone is gearing up to release his new project, Austin, and as a result, has gifted fans with a fresh single entitled, ‘Mourning’. Earlier this week, the emcee (real name Austin Post) took to social media to inform followers about his upcoming album and how much he has enjoyed the creative process. In his previous post, the 27-year-old singer and lyricist told the world that creating this body of work has ” been one of the most challenging, rewarding, and exciting records [he’s] worked on.”

In the lead-up to the album’s release, which is set to hit streaming platforms on July 28th, the LA act has given listeners various singles to give them a little taste of what’s coming. That said, the ‘Rock Star’ singer has delivered on his promise from earlier this week with the long-awaited ‘Mourning’. This spanking new track sees Malone get introspective over what is an intense yet euphoric cloud-rap instrumental.

Listeners can hear ethereal arpeggios, guitars and synthesisers working harmoniously on this luscious production. However, this is not to suggest that there is no edge. In fact, certain facets of the instrumental are incredibly raw. With distorted, thumping 808s carrying ‘Mourning’, fans can be prepared to float and then suddenly grounded as the pumping bass kick brings listeners back to reality.

Lyrically, Malone delivers on this latest release as he looks inwards as he questions his harmful drug and money-spending habits. With lyrics such as “Who am I talking to? Nobody / Take me outside, I’m a little too high / Paid a little too much for the time of my life,” Malone recognises his own mistakes in this latest song.

Although the LA emcee has been criticised in the past for his repeated references to drug use, such as in ‘Rock Star’, in this latest release, the rapper seems to be recognising his excess consumption without glorification. Post’s last album, Twelve Carat Toothache, made some references to the previously mentioned topics. However, from his tweet earlier this week, Malone is insistent that Austin will deliver something new and previously unheard. Taking to Twitter earlier this week, the lyricist disclosed that he felt this body of work “captures who [he is] as a man and as an artist,” so only time will tell. For now you can listen to ‘Mourning’ in the video below.