Post Malone joins forces with role-playing game ‘Magic: The Gathering’
(Credit: Tore Saetre)


Post Malone joins forces with role-playing game ‘Magic: The Gathering’

Post Malone has teamed up with publishers Wizards Of The Coast to promote their role-playing game, Friday Night Magic.

The tournament takes place appropriately every Friday night in over 8,000 stores across the world. While this seems like a peculiar collaboration, the game is a passion of Post Malone’s who has no problems with wearing his nerdy credential on his sleeve.

Head of franchise marketing for Wizards Of The Coast, Nathan Stewart commented, “You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan of Magic: The Gathering than Post Malone, – As a fan for years, he knows just how much Friday Night Magic means to players.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Posty in ways that will allow his signature style, talent and love of the game to combine in ways fans will never forget.”

Meanwhile, Postie added, “I’m obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. This is really a dream come true, – We’ll be doing some cool stuff so keep an eye out.”

The details of the partnership are still yet to come to be revealed. However, the game says they want fans to start “gearing up for a jam-packed 2022 featuring new partnerships, bigger online experiences, and even more ways to celebrate the game they love.”