Watch the video for Post Malone and The Weeknd’s new collaboration ‘One Right Now’
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Watch the video for Post Malone and The Weeknd's new collaboration 'One Right Now'

Post Malone and The Weeknd have dropped the visuals for their recent collaborative single, ‘One Right Now’. Remarkably, the new track is the first time that the two of them have ever worked together.

‘One Right Now’ is expected to be the lead single from Posty’s upcoming album, his first since 2019’s Hollywood Bleeding. The new release is anticipated to drop early next year, and ‘One Right Now’ has now got pulses racing for it.

The synthy track finds The Weeknd singing, “You’re a stain on my legacy, We can’t be friends, can’t be family (Oh), You probably fuck all my enemies (Oh), I can’t let you be next to me, (Oh), you belong to the world now/ So just me leave me alone now, We’re not in touch no more.”

On the chorus, the pair come together to sing in unison, “You say you love me, but I don’t care, That I brokе my hand on the same wall, That you told me that he fucked you on (That he fucked you on), You think it’s so easy fuckin’ with my feelings (Feelings).”

In the new visuals for the song, The Weeknd gets embroiled in a shootout and throws a grenade. While Posty also finds himself in a violent encounter before the two artists take each other’s life at the end of the video.

Check out the video below.