Hear Post Malone cover Pearl Jam’s ‘Better Man’ on ‘Howard Stern’
(Credit: Tore Saetre)


Hear Post Malone cover Pearl Jam’s ‘Better Man’ on ‘Howard Stern’

Earlier this week, Post Malone performed a passionate cover of Pearl Jam’s ‘Better Man’ during his guest appearance on The Howard Stern Show

Post Malone is currently promoting his new album Twelve Carat Toothache and during his emphatic performance on Howard Stern’s show, he pulled out an acoustic cover of the Eddie Vedder classic in memory of his brother. 

He told Stern that he and his family went to go visit his brother, who was in the military when he was younger. “I remember my brother Jordan, he was a Marine, and he was stationed in Hawaii. And we went to go see him. I was 12, 13, maybe,” Malone said about the song. “And he played this song, and we were driving around. This was on an island you could drive around in a couple of hours. And he played it, and I guess I’ve just been thinking about that a lot lately.”

When asked by Stern if the song reminded him of his brother, he replied, “Every moment. And it makes me fuckin’ cry. He is just a beautiful man. And he introduced me to Pearl Jam in a big fuckin’ way.”

Accompanied only by his acoustic six-string, Malone closed his eyes as he emotionally sang his cover of the 1994 Vitalogy hit.

During the visit, Malone revealed to Stern that he and his fiancée had just welcomed their baby daughter to the world. “I went and I kissed my baby girl and then I went to play some video games,” Malone said, before adding, “I want to let her make her own decisions. That’s it.”

Malone is set to embark on a bumper tour of North America later this summer in support of the new album. 

“I love touring and I love meeting my fans and singing these songs with them, but at the same time, it’s such an ass-kicker. My back kills me, my neck kills me, my feet kill me,” Malone said in an interview with Billboard earlier this year.

He added: “There’s a lot to think about, and there’s a lot to focus on. You kind of have to have chameleon eyes and look every which way and keep track of what’s going on at all times. It’s the give-and-take — you give up so much and you receive it in love, and that’s what everything is about: feeling loved. That’s what everybody wants.”

Watch Post Malone’s emotive cover of Pearl Jam’s ‘Better Man’ below.