(Credit: Pop Smoke / Press)


Pop Smoke’s gravesite vandalised in Brooklyn

The gravesite of the late, rapper, Pop Smoke has reportedly been vandalised over the weekend in Brooklyn.

He tragically lost his life last year when he was only 20-years-old, and intruders broke into the house he was staying in after discovering where he was from his social media. They tried to rob the rapper of his jewellery, but things ended up going disastrously, and Pop Smoke lost his life.

Now, it has been brought to light by TMZ that his crypt had been attacked, at some point, over the course of the weekend. After the vandalisation was spotted, an employee at the cemetery immediately phoned the NYPD to inform them.

Shockingly, it has been reported that the vandals attempted to drag the late artist’s casket out its resting place, and staff initially didn’t know whether the body was still there. Furthermore, a marble plaque emblazoned with his real name, Bashar Jackson, was broken and cracked.

There was also joints and flowers left on the floor in the crypt, which the vandals discarded. No cameras are operating in the area, therefore finding the culprits is an almost impossible task, and there are currently no suspects.

Overall, the damage caused is said to have only been worth around $500 (£361) in monetary value, yet, the pain to his family due to the behaviour of the vandals is immeasurable. 

More to follow as it comes in.