Polo G arrested for possession of a firearm
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Polo G arrested for possession of a firearm

Chicago drill emcee Polo G has recently been arrested in New York following a raid of his hotel room. The rapper was found to be in possession of an automatic weapon while in a state with one of the strictest gun laws and, as such, was charged with criminal possession of a firearm as well as criminal possession of a weapon.

The artist (real name Taurus Bartlett) was staying in the lower Manhattan neighbourhood of SoHo at the Dominick Hotel when a member of staff found a loaded Glock in his room. This led to law enforcement being alerted.

Following the weapon coming to police attention Bartlett was arraigned and will not have to appear in front of a Manhattan District Court. Following a night in jail, Bartlett’s legal team began making a case for him to receive bail.

Speaking to reporters, Polo G’s attorney stated, “This man is 100% serious in terms of his work, in terms of his professionalism. He has absolutely no incentive to flee because he has a career he’s built.”

However, prosecutors have determined that, based on his long criminal history, Bartlett may be a flight risk. Fortunately, the ‘Finer Things’ musician’s legal team secured cash bail for $25,000, and a Manhattan judge has set a court date for June 4th.

This is not the first time Polo G has been found in possession of firearms. Last year, Polo G was arrested for gun possession following a raid on his Southern California home. His brother was also charged with robbery.

According to an LAPD police report obtained at the time, Polo G drew a handgun with an extended magazine and ordered an unnamed individual to empty their pockets and wire him a large sum of cash. The unknown victim is said to have had a working relationship with Polo G in the past.