Pete Rock doesn’t want to be listed as a “Hip-hop producer”
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Pete Rock doesn't want to be listed as a "Hip-hop producer"

Legendary East Coast producer and DJ Pete Rock recently took to social media to announce that he doesn’t want to be included on any “hip-hop producer list” as he doesn’t want to be pitted against others in the game.

Pete Rock is known as one of the pioneers of 1980s jazz-hop. However, The New Yorker doesn’t want to be ranked alongside the likes of DJ Premier, Q-Tip, J Dilla, Madlib, as he doesn’t want to be forced into any competition.

Taking to Instagram, Rock wrote, “I need you guys help. Will you help keep my name off any hip-hop producer list you may see? [laughing emoji] Naw, serious. If don’t see my name that’s fine. [2 laughing emojis] That’s the goal lol. Will you help me?”

The epic beatmaker, who is one half of the duo Pete Rock & CL Smooth, continued, “Any hip-hop producer list you see, whether I’m mentioned or not. Whether there is history to prove it or not, does not mean I’m short of anything. Those silly list on social media people rant & rave over THEY CAN HAVE IT I DONT WANT IT.”

He concluded, “I’m telling y’all right now idgaf no more lol. Don’t put me on no list. If you know you know and that’s it.” From his multiple posts, it is evident that the DJ and musician simply wants to focus on music.

Many know Rock for his collaborations with 1980s icons such as The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Heavy D & The Boyz and more. However, Rock is set to deliver a joint project with another legend this year.

Chicago lyricist Common (real name Lonnie Lynn) announced earlier this year that he and Rock would release a joint full-length project, stating that he is “enthused and inspired” to work with the East Coast beatmaker.