Offset praises Jamie Lee Curtis calling her “A real one”
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Offset praises Jamie Lee Curtis calling her “A real one”

Atlanta rapper Offset has recently praised award-winning actor Jamie Lee Curtis after she made a surprise appearance in his music video for ‘Jealousy’ alongside his wife Cardi B.

In a recent interview on Good Morning America (GMA), the emcee shared his experience working with her and expressed how nice it was to interact with her proclaiming his love and respect for her.

The esteemed Oscar-winning actress recently made a surprise cameo in the former Migos member’s music video, and during his conversation with the hosts of GMA, he disclosed how he got Curtis involved in the project.

Offset revealed that he simply contacted her via social media, unveiling, “So, how that happened is I DM’d Jamie Lee Curtis on Instagram and said, ‘Yo, I got an idea. I would love to work with you.'”

He continued, “She wrote me back so quickly. She was like, ‘Yeah, I got you, but you need to follow me. That’s how I knew she was cool.” Offset highlighted how she had recently won best supporting actress at the 2023 Academy Awards and wanted the best of the best.

In the clip uploaded to social media before the video’s official release, Offset parodied James Brown’s famous CNN interview from 1988, and Curtis plays the role of the reporter grilling Offset about cheating allegations the rapper had made against his wife Cardi B back in June.

In the clip, Curtis plays a knock-off version of CNN host Sonya Friedman and questions Offset, highlighting, “Your fans are saying there is a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife Cardi B.”

The track was meant to highlight the rumours and speculation that constantly surround the relationship status of the two artists and insinuates it’s a result of jealousy.

You can see the music video below.