Cardi B and Offset share new single ‘Jealousy’
(Credit: Wikimedia)


Cardi B and Offset share new single 'Jealousy'

Cardi B has released a new single alongside her husband, the iconic Atlanta rapper and former Migos member Offset. The two recently delivered a joint set at Rolling Loud Miami, performing tracks such as ‘Clout,’ ‘Motorsport’ and ‘Lick’. However, they have joined forces again on their new single ‘Jealousy’.

The track is reported to respond to the media’s coverage of their on-and-off relationship. As such, the single’s artwork posted by Cardi seems to play into the narrative that outlets have painted surrounding the Bronx native hating her husband.

The Atlanta emcee also recently posted a spoof interview to the internet to undermine the stories being told by publications concerning his marital issues. The interview is a parody of a famous James Brown interview.

The spoof, which featured Jamie Lee Curtis, saw her question him, stating, “Your fans are saying there’s a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife, Cardi B,” to which Offset replied, “HAAAA!” channelling the intonations of Brown.

The video concluded with the interview cutting off before a message appeared, reading “July 28th,” which is the release date for “Jealousy.” Many have called out Cardi B for being contradictory as, earlier this year, during a Twitter Spaces conversation, the ‘Bodak Yellow rapper admitted she would happily divorce Offset if he ever got out of line.

Asserting her dominance, she declared, “Every time you try to bring turmoil to my marriage, I’m just saying, y’all know what’s gonna happen next. We’re gonna get a divorce, and people are gonna be mad nosey, and mad happy.”

You can view the single’s artwork below.