Offset dragged into Cardi B and Akbar V’s Feud
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Offset dragged into Cardi B and Akbar V’s Feud

On Monday, Cardi B and rapper Akbar V engaged in a heated Twitter exchange. Now, it looks like Offset has gotten himself involved. The American rapper was responding to Akbar V’s claim that he received a call from him in regards to his involvement in the feud.

Replying to Akbar V, he tweeted: “Police ass hoe I ain’t called you and If Any N**** played with me get blitzed ask around!!” His remarks are in reference to the supposed altercation that took place in 2020 between Offset and Lil Baby’s 4PF crew. At the time, it was reported that the Migos musician was attacked, stripped of “everything but his boxer” and then abandoned.

There is no video evidence of the alleged attack, and Lil Baby has since denied any involvement. At the time, Lil Baby wrote on his Instagram Stories: “Stop spreading fake news!! That shit fake!! Please!!”

Since he tweeted his reply, Offset has had no further interaction with Akbar V on social media, although she continues to bring up the allegation – perhaps simply to annoy him. “Yeah and offset calling with all that tough guy Shit didn’t u just got stripped like a ho,” Akbar V wrote. And later: Somebody check on offset he still ain’t got his chain back from #4pf”

Elsewhere, Cardi B’s feud with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj has been stoked by none other than Jessie Woo. The Love & Hip Hop star recently discussed to pair’s ongoing rivalry on an episode of Hollywood Unlocked.

Apparently “spilling the tea” on the situation, Woo said: “I met someone that was on Cardi’s team, back in 2017, and they literally told me, this is something that was told to me, that yeah, like, ‘Putting Cardi out, our goal was to knock Nicki out. And that was the first time I heard that topic. Then, not too long later, the whole Nicki and Cardi thing happened. … I remember just thinking to myself, yo, so-and-so told me this is what they were trying to do.”