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Nigo and Lil Uzi Vert join forces on new song 'Heavy'

Nigo and Lil Uzi Vert - 'Heavy'

Nigo has recruited Lil Uzi vert for his new single, ‘Heavy’.

It’s the latest track to be taken from the Japanese artist’s new album, I Know Nigo, which is released on March 25th. Lil Uzi goes hard on the effort and gradually turns up the aggression the longer the song goes on as the woozy beat offered up by Nigo gets even more disorientating.

This will be Nigo’s first full-length release, but he’s always dabbled in music even though fashion is what he’s primarily known for. The designer is the mastermind behind the luxury brand, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), in 1993 before selling up in 2011 for $2.8m and departing two years later.

Outside of clothing, music has been his longstanding passion. He is the DJ in the hip-hop group Teriyaki Boyz who released their debut album, Beef or Chicken, in 2005, and their second album, Serious Japanese, arrived four years later.

Initially, I Know Nigo wasn’t supposed to be a full album of collaborations according to label boss Steven Victor who said it all happened naturally.

“Originally, it was supposed to be just Pharrell and maybe Pusha-T, but then I started reaching out to different people, and everyone was just like, ‘Yes!’ It was just super organic how it all came about. I think he’s in his zone, where he’s going for everything right now,” he explained to Complex.

He continued: “Human Made is going crazy, he just became the creative director of Kenzo. It’s just time, and music drives everything for him, so it makes sense that he’s in this particular space and making music.”

Listen to ‘Heavy’ below.