New report calls Kanye West a ‘GOP plant’
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New report calls Kanye West a 'GOP plant'

A new report has claimed that Kanye West’s 2020 presidential campaign had GOP advisers involved and refers to the rapper as a “GOP plant”.

West’s failed campaign saw him concede on November 4th as an independent candidate. Ye even admitted that the vote he cast for himself was the first time that he’d ever gone to the ballot box. Now, a Daily Beast has alleged that it wasn’t entirely legitimate.

It’s alleged that Ye’s team received “potentially millions of dollars” from GOP “operatives” and also from members of the Republican “elite”. Reportedly, West didn’t report having the “operatives” on the payroll, which breaks federal laws.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) communications director Jordan Libowitz said: “It’s pretty clear Kanye was a GOP plant, whether he knew it or not.”

Meanwhile, John Boyd, a “spiritual adviser” for Kanye’s campaign, claimed West lacked control. “He had companies, individuals working for him, I don’t even know if he knew what they were doing that deeply,” Boyd said. “That’s my personal view. There were definitely agendas out there that perhaps he didn’t have full control over.”

Another name mentioned in the report is Holtzman Vogel, a law firm connected to Trump and the Honest Elections Project. “The importance of disclosure in this matter can’t be overstated,” Paul S. Ryan, vice president of government watchdog Common Cause told The Daily Beast.

He continued, “It’s no secret that Kanye West’s candidacy would have a spoiler effect, siphoning votes from Democrat Joe Biden. Voters had a right to know that a high-powered Republican lawyer was providing legal services to Kanye—and federal law requires disclosure of such legal work.”

Kanye West is yet to comment on the allegations.