New posthumous Juice WRLD album ‘Fighting Demons’ arriving next month
(Credit: Andy Jones)


New posthumous Juice WRLD album ‘Fighting Demons’ arriving next month

Juice WRLD’s new posthumous album, Fighting Demons, is arriving next month.

The late rapper’s team shared a trailer on YouTube to promote the album, which is out on December 10th. The video features footage of Juice WRLD on tour alongside a poignant voiceover where he discusses his mental health struggles. Meanwhile, the album announcement also coincides with the brand new song ‘Already Dead’.

His manager Peter Jideonwo previously commented about the album, “Everything about it is fire. We’re not just doing some basic music… we’re taking our time to craft a classic you’ll talk about for the next ten years.”

In the trailer, Juice says, “There was never really no filter in my head. Music kinda helps the situation pass. I have detachment – pretty much you feel detached from yourself all the time.

“Me talking about certain things could help somebody else through what they’re going through. If you feel like you could have anxiety and depression, they’re going to look at you like you’re crazy. That’s not how things should be, but that’s how it is, and that needs to change.”

Check it out below.