(Credit: Netflix)


New clip shows Kanye West arguing on the set of ‘Slow Jamz’ video

A previously unseen video from the set of ‘Slow Jamz’ has emerged, which shows Kanye West arguing.

In the clip, West is seen infuriated at the video’s creative direction and vents his frustration at those around him on set. The footage has been shared by TIME and is taken from the final part of the three-part Netflix series on the rapper’s come-up, Jeen-Yuhs.

“The whole point is, Jamie Foxx comes up and puts the record on this record player that I begged for yesterday,” he says. “I’m going to keep repeating myself over and over. Y’all are forcing me to be the asshole.”

The atmosphere on set continues to worsen, and Ye even tells those around him that he was “spazzing”. West didn’t get his way on this occasion, and the record player scene wasn’t included in the final cut.

In the last episode of Jeen-Yuhs, we saw the rapper record ‘Slow Jamz’ at Foxx’s home studio ahead of the song featuring on both College Dropout and Twista’s Kamikaze.

Coincidentally, West and Foxx met up last week and streamed their reunion with fans on Instagram Live.

Watch footage from the set of the ‘Slow Jamz’ video below.