Kanye West and Jamie Foxx joke in new Netflix documentary clip
(Credit: Netflix)


Kanye West and Jamie Foxx joke in new Netflix documentary clip

The new Netflix documentary about the life and career of Kanye West has arrived at a time when the prominent rapper has garnered a lot of criticism after relentlessly harassing Kim Kardashian on social media. Perhaps it’s the right time for such a release since the documentary will provide a lot of insights into the sensibilities and the experiences of one of the most controversial musicians on the planet.

Titled jeen-yuhs, the project has been in the works for a while now and was acquired by Netflix last year. Conceived as a trilogy, the series will explore the meteoric rise of Kanye by contextualising his journey within the framework of his formative years and will feature a lot of archival footage as well as unseen clips of the rapper.

“For us, as filmmakers, the name of our company is Creative Control, so, there are just certain rules in documentary filmmaking for it to be authentic,” co-director Chike Ozah said in an interview while talking about the team’s approach to such an important documentary, which is bound to be one of the highlights of Netflix’s 2022.

Ozah also said that the creative control over the project has ensured that the vision of the documentary trilogy has been constructed with the goal of painting a comprehensive portrait: “And for it to resonate, people need to see certain things. So sometimes it’s just not best for the filmmaking for the subject, who the film is largely about, to have control over the direction the story goes in.”

Adding, “This documentary, like we said, is a period in creating Kanye’s larger message. That’s the message that we’re protecting. That’s the message that we want the people to feel.” The first two parts of the documentary are already out on Netflix, with the final instalment – ‘AWAKENING’ being scheduled for March 2nd.

Watch the brand new clip starring Kanye West and Jamie Foxx below.