Nas and 21 Savage release new track ‘One Mic, One Gun’
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Nas and 21 Savage release new track ‘One Mic, One Gun’

Nas and 21 Savage have collaborated on a new track entitled ‘One Mic, One Gun’. The tune arrives just a couple of weeks after an initial beef appeared to have been raised between the two rappers. 21 Savage had made comments in an online chatroom claiming that the legendary rapper Nas is “irrelevant.”

21 Savage asked his fellow chatroom members, “What y’all saying relevant, though? I don’t feel like he’s relevant. I just feel like he’s got fans; he’s not relevant”. However, immediately after, 21 Savage gave his respect to Nas’ fans and noted his belief that he still admires his music: “[He] just has a loyal ass fan base, and he still makes good-ass music.”

Then, 21 Savage clarified his comments in a Tweet and wrote, “I would never disrespect Nas or any legend who paved the way for me y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it.” So evidently, his online comments had been initially misconstrued.

Now, 21 Savage and Nas have certainly squashed the conflict, working together on ‘One Mic, One Gun’, which is out now. It arrives after both artists released new albums earlier this month. 21 Savage worked with Drake on a collaborative album entitled Her Loss, while Nas dropped Kings Disease III on November 11th.

To promote Her Loss, Drake and 21 Savage embarked on a ‘fake promo tour’, in which they pretended to feature in an interview with Howard Stern and perform a Tiny Desk concert for NPR. They had also released a fake Vogue cover shoot magazine, which has actually led to a lawsuit from the fashion magazine. 

Vogue are protective of their journalistic image and perceives the rap duo’s false copy as “deceptive”. After getting no response from the Her Loss team after requesting for it to be removed from the public, they have now had to consider legal action.