Drake and 21 Savage go on a fake promo tour for ‘Her Loss’
(Credit: YouTube)


Drake and 21 Savage go on a fake promo tour for ‘Her Loss’

Ahead of their joint album Her Loss being released this coming Friday (November 4th), Drake and 21 Savage have embarked on a promotional tour to spread the word about their forthcoming collaboration. They’ve made all the usual stops you would expect of a promo tour, The Howard Stern Show, a quick NPR Tiny Desk, etc.

But hang on a minute; something is off about all this promotional material. That’s because it has all been fake. Drake and 21 Savage have shared a pretend Vogue cover and an In The Bag episode just this week. NPR also responded to the video of Drake and 21 Savage’s Tiny Desk, acknowledging that it is also not the real deal.

In the teaser video, Drake and 21 Savage are sat down at what appears to be the iconic NPR Tiny Desk with a guitarist and a bass player. The bass player starts grooving around on the frets, and Drake announces, “What’s up, everybody? I appreciate you joining us today, all the audience. Everybody at home. I’m Drake, and this is our Tiny Desk. Let’s get into it.”

NPR took to Twitter to suggest that Drake and 21 Savage quit the pretending. They wrote, “Let’s do it for real though.” The duo didn’t stop there, however. They also imitated a Howard Stern interview in which they discussed their favourite kind of pornography. Drake answered, “Just top. Highest-tier of top giving. That’s like what I’m consistently on a daily basis tuned into. Like those are just the real superstars of the world to me.”

Stern then asked about love and whether either of the pair could commit to one woman and be married. “I’m sure I could, you know,” Drake said. “Like, I think that eventually, once all this is said and done for us, and that addiction of work and success and forward movement is over, I feel like I’m gonna need something real. Hopefully, it’s not too late.”