MF DOOM’s widow confirms rumours his rhyme books were stolen
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MF DOOM’s widow confirms rumours his rhyme books were stolen

The late rapper MF DOOM’s widow, Jasmine Dumile, has spoken out on allegations that Eothen “Egon” Alapatt stole the rapper’s rhyme books. Alapatt is the founder and president of Now-Again Records and earlier this year was accused by Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli of taking advantage of black artists.

Alapatt has previously been labelled as a “culture vulture” and someone who “takes advantage of Black artists and brags about it.” Jasmine Dumile, who decided to remain silent while the rumours and allegations were swirling, has finally decided to speak out on the matter and confirmed that Alapatt is in possession of one of the MC’s stolen rhyme books.

In a statement released by Dumile to media outlets, the rapper’s widow stated, “we can confirm Eothen ‘Egon’ Alapatt is illegally in possession of rhyme books owned by MF DOOM.” The statement continued to read, “There have been many unsuccessful attempts to get these back prior to DOOM’s passing. We had hoped after DOOM transitioned Egon would do the right thing and return the books to the family, but he has continued to ignore these requests.” Finishing by divulging that, “Unfortunately, Egon is not the only former associate abusing the likeness, art and life’s work of DOOM, more will be said at the appropriate time.” 

Dumile highlighted how there had been several attempts to retrieve and regain possession of the books. However, Alapatt refused to return the books. In an Instagram post from earlier this year, fellow hip hop artist Talib Kweli demanded answers, captioning one of his posts with, “Today all I want to know is why Egon stole MF DOOM rhyme book and refuses to give it back to DOOM family, even after MF DOOM passed away. MF DOOM officiated this mans wedding FOR FREE, but then later stopped rocking with him because of his devil ways,” he wrote in part. “Someone tag nowagain and asking Egon why he stole MF DOOM rhyme book, he got me blocked. The era of the culture vulture is OVER.”

This issue has been ongoing since MF DOOM’s passing in October 2021. However, it has only recently come to a head. Earlier this year, New York-based publisher Astra House revealed that an MF DOOM biography is in the works, which is due to be released in 2024. Until then the books will remain in the hands of music executive and former DOOM’s business associate Eothen “Egon” Alapatt.

You can stream DOOM’s song ‘Doomsday’ in the video below.