There is a new MF DOOM biography on the way
(Credit: Possan)


There is a new MF DOOM biography on the way

It’s been confirmed a new biography about MF Doom is on the way.

It has been revealed by publisher Astra House who said the biography, The Chronicles Of Doom: Unraveling Rap’s Masked Iconoclast, is currently being penned by music journalist S. H. Fernando Jr.

According to the official synopsis, the book promises to “recount the rise, fall, redemption, and untimely demise” of the late rapper whose real name was Daniel Dumile.

Additionally, Astra House senior editor Danny Vazquez said of the book: “Amateur music historians have tried, and failed, time and time again, to tell his complete story.” It will be released in 2024.

Last year it was revealed a street had been renamed after him in New York commemorating what the musician brought to the city. Although Doom was born in London, he was raised in New York and lived there for most of his life before being refused entry to the States in 2010 following a European tour and he then settled permanently in his native land.

The road is now called ‘KMD –  MF Doom Way’ and is situated between Long Beach Boulevard and Riverside Boulevard. This area is where he spent his childhood, and the ‘KMD’ part of its name refers to the hip-hop group that started his career back in the early ’90s.