MF Doom’s cause of death has been revealed
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MF Doom's cause of death has been revealed

After three long years, the inquiry into MF Doom’s demise has come to a close, and now the cause of his death has been officially made public. The ‘Fazers’ rapper passed away in 2020, and since then, several scandals have emerged, the most well-known being the controversy surrounding his rhyme books.

The late rapper’s wife, Jasmine Dumile, has been front and centre since he passed away and has been the main source of news concerning the emcee (real name Daniel Dumile). Late last year, Jasmine addressed the allegations that Eothen ‘Egon’ Alapatt stole the rapper’s rhyme books and condemned Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli for taking advantage of black artists.

Following last year’s firestorm, the musician’s fans and family have been patiently awaiting the results of the inquiry that have now emerged. Making a statement, Jasmine Dumile has unveiled that, according to the inquiry, MF Doom passed away from a rare and severe reaction to blood pressure medication, a condition known as angioedema.

However, the inquiry has also highlighted that the lyricist had a number of pre-existent comorbidities that made him susceptible to a reaction. The late rapper’s wife revealed that as well as high blood pressure, the emcee was also battling with kidney disease.

The UK artist was prescribed ACE inhibitors to help his blood pressure problems. However, this led to swelling in his mouth and throat, resulting in breathing issues. These illnesses, in tandem, caused his eventual demise, according to the inquiry.

Hower Jasmine Dumile has taken aim at the staff of St James’s Hospital in Leeds and has made allegations that the doctors and nurses on hand were negligent, failed to check on her husband on a frequent basis and were lacklustre in their provision of the necessary medication.

Since his demise, there have been a number of incredible posthumous MF Doom releases, including Super What? Earlier this year, Metalface Records and Rhymesayers Entertainment reissued Black Bastards, a collaborative album released by Doom and his brother DJ Subroc.