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Method Man explains why he's fine with rappers using ghostwriters

Method Man has said he doesn’t care if a rapper uses a ghostwriter, but there’s one caveat to his statement.

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper is one of the finest with a pen in hip-hop history, and you’d assume he’d be sniffy about those who don’t write their own rhymes but that’s not the case. Surprisingly, he doesn’t think it’s a necessary ingredient to be a rapper, however, Method Man does believe it is essential to become one of the best.

Kendrick Lamar famously dunked on Drake in ‘King Kunta’ for using a ghostwriter, and it’s a debate which has rumbled on in rap for many years. On the one hand, people argue that delivery is the most important aspect to a song, however, if the lyrics haven’t come from their pen then it has an adverse effect on authenticity.

Now, Method Man has weighed into the debate during his appearance on the YouTube series, My Expert Opinion. “I don’t give a fuck. I mean I don’t give a fuck but when you wanna talk about top five MC’s you already eliminated yourself.”

He continued: “But now with these top five’s and shit motherfuckers is tryna trunk n***** with… MC’s and [rapper’s] are different I get that, but if you got MC’s you going off lyrical content I don’t give a fuck how many records this motherfucker sold, or what his influence was on the fucking fashion industry and shit like that.

“You know certain n*****, when you hear they verses, they pay attention because you know this n***** bout to say some shit.”

Watch the interview below.