Method Man accused of attacking model in the 1990s
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Method Man accused of attacking model in the 1990s

Wu-Tang Clan legend Method Man has recently been on the receiving end of a string of allegations that suggest he may have physically attacked the model Jayden Steele in the 1990s.

The former model recently took to TikTok to state her case and implicitly suggested that she was not able to bring her case before a court at the time of the incident because her attorneys, who worked for a Method Man’s record label, suggested she would lose the case.

Subtly implicating Method Man in a case of assault, Steele stated, “Good day all. You guys wanna know the reason why all these people are coming forward now telling their stories, and they didn’t do it in the past? Well, being a model for over 12 years and being in this industry, I was physically attacked by a very large rapper in the ’90s who’s actually now an actor right now today.

Detailing the incident, Steele continued, “This man attacked me. I defended myself! Ten squad cars were called to the hotel ’cause we tore that bitch up. Ten squad cars were called – there wasn’t one police report written about the incident. I had five officers come up to my room and take a statement. Not one police report was written.”

Addressing the conflict of interest her lawyers faced, Steele explained, “I worked for attorneys at that time in New York, and because my attorneys represented the head of the record label he was on, they told me to pick my battles. You wanna know why? That’s why.”

This latest allegation is one of many that are currently being levelled against figures in hip-hop. Earlier this year, R’n’B singer Cassie filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy, while Jamie Foxx, former Bad Boy President Harve Pierre, Interscope founder Jimmy Iovine and more have also been accused of assault.

Although Steele’s allegations are serious, the emcee (real name Clifford Smith) is yet to respond to the accusations that have been made and no legal team has come out to speak on his behalf.