Method Man is ready to take on a role in the Marvel Universe
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Method Man is ready to take on a role in the Marvel Universe

Former Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man has recently revealed that he is ready to take up a role in the Marvel universe and believes that he has all the skills necessary for the job. The emcee and actor has been in the industry for well over a decade but has never been cast in a fantasy movie.

The lyricist (real name Clifford Smith Jr.) has an impressive filmography and has featured in films such as How High, Shaft, Space Jam and The Mortician. However, despite his record as a performer in genres such as comedy and horror, Smith is desperate for that fantasy role. 

Smith has previously revealed he is a fan of the Marvel universe. Furthermore, he has a deep knowledge of its films. As such, he is ready to appear in one of its franchises. In a recent interview with CASSIUS, the actor and rapper addressed the rumours concerning him being cast as the new Bishop in X-Men.

Smith explained that it’s not entirely off the table but will ultimately be up to the producers, explaining, “I was just putting it out there to see if I could hook something. Those guys at the MCU, they know their stuff. I haven’t had any problems with any of their casting choice so far. So whoever gets the job.”

He continued, “I think Omar Sy did an excellent job as Bishop, but that was before MCU. If they chose him again, I think he’d kill it. There’s a few people out there. But if they’re willing to give me a shot, I’d go for it. Plus, I’ve done all the research already.”

Akin to RZA, Method Man is a former Wu-Tang member who has successfully transitioned into Hollywood. Speaking about his approach to acting, the lyricist divulged, “As far as the acting goes, hip-hop has nothing to do with my acting.”

However, the musician concluded that rap music requires a persona that can sometimes be false. As such, he believes that MCS can be good actors in that capacity, stating, “I think a lot of rappers are great liars. I’ll just keep it a buck, a lot of them are great liars, and I think that translates on screen.”