Megan Thee Stallion “to take time off” from music
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Megan Thee Stallion "to take time off" from music

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has recently taken to social media to reveal to her fans why she hasn’t been releasing music and doesn’t plan to anytime soon. The 28-year-old emcee was the centre of attention last year as the legal proceedings of her Tory Lanez shooting case ended with a guilty verdict. Still, now the musician seems to be avoiding drama. 

Megan last released a project in her 2022 album, Traumazine. However, following the media firestorm that the lyricist (real name Megan Pete) found herself in last year, it seems that the ‘Savage’ rapper is recuperating and relaxing following what must have been a highly stressful series of events. In a recent interview, the emcee admitted that she is not in a rush to release anything and is currently moving on her time. 

Speaking with InStyle magazine, Pete unveiled that fans shouldn’t expect new material anytime soon and that she is currently on a journey to find peace of mind. In a sit-down with Audrey Noble, when asked about what she is up to at present, the musician responded, “Right now, I’m focused on healing.” Megan detailed how she is obtaining happiness by “spending time with her dogs, working out, bingeing TV shows, and simply finding new ways to protect her peace.” Delving into the nitty-gritty of her days, the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ performer revealed that an essential part of her schedule is setting “boundaries and incorporating rest days.”

As an entertainer, Pete admitted that the publicity and pressures placed on her had taken a toll and that she was struggling. Elaborating on the stress of the business, Megan conveyed how “The music and entertainment industry can be a grind, so it’s important to take time off and avoid burning out,” she added. “Life is all about balance.” In December of last year, Canadian rapper and singer Tory Lanez was found guilty of shooting the female rapper in the foot following an argument the two had at Kylie Jenner’s 2020 Hollywood Hills mansion party. The legal whirlwind that followed most likely contributed to Pete’s feelings of “burning out.”