Meek Mill says current state of streaming “not logical”
(Credit: Chris Sikich)


Meek Mill says current state of streaming "not logical"

‘Tupac Back’ rapper Meek Mill has said that he believes the current model used by streaming sites is failing artists. 

The Philadelphia artist took to Twitter on November 20th to outline how the prevalent model isn’t working for him and others. To do so, he looked back on the days before streaming was so popular and how much he sold his records and merch for. 

“It’s not possible to make money off .003 a stream from your favorite fans,” he wrote. “I used to sell my wholesale price at 5.00 when whole sale was 2.50 hard copy …. It’s not logical … I can sell 35k copies at 2 arena shows of people there to see me the system falling I got it tho.”

Only the day before, Mill revealed on Twitter that he’s a fully independent artist and plugged his label Dream Chasers Records, which he started in 2012. 

He said: “I own 100% of my masters and publishing now ima rap and have a ball with it and make music that touch people worldwide! For licensing or distribution me and all DREAM CHASER ARTIST are totally independent… we looking for top tier distribution -MEEK MILL-“

In the thread the following day about the current state of artists and streaming royalties, Mill retweeted his original post regarding Dream Chasers and claimed he’s looking for merchandise designers to help him reach his goal. 

He explained: “I need graphic designers … I wanna start a discord and just pay whoever can come up with the best designs for my merch I have 10 different brands.”

In other Meek Mill news, in September, he teased a sequel to his hit 2018 LP Championships, with a post on his Instagram story.