Meek Mill has some perfect advice for aspiring young rappers
(Credit: Chris Sikich)


Meek Mill has some perfect advice for aspiring young rappers

There can be no doubt that hip-hop is a potent form of competition. There is no other music genre which is so reliant on the battles between its artists than hip-hop. There is such a thing as battle rap, after all. However, thankfully, Meek Mill has shared some advice for aspiring young rappers.

The genre may be incredibly competitive, but it has enjoyed some huge breakthrough artists over recent years. Rappers are seemingly pouring out of the walls, but Meek Mill is still happy to dish out some advice for those hoping to break into the music world.

The advice comes as Mill offers to listen to a group of young MCs rap. His advice is crucial for any songwriter; he starts off by simply saying: “Why y’all talking that crazy stuff? Y’all gotta rap about what you know.”

It’s a simple premise that has seen artists leap into the mainstream. While it might feel appropriate to write songs that you believe an audience will want to hear, the only real way to get something authentic together is to be your true self on the mic.

The rapper has some more business-minded advice too. Mill says: “You gotta tone down on your cuss words if you wanna get on Spotify, YouTube.” He’s right, of course, even if the advice is a little cringe-worthy.

Watch Meek Mill dish out crucial advice for young rappers below.