Martha Stewart reveals new Snoop Dogg tattoo
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Martha Stewart reveals new Snoop Dogg tattoo

Television personality and retail mogul Martha Stewart has shocked fans by uploading a photo on social media of herself receiving a large tattoo of rapper and friend Snoop Dogg

Notably, the pair go way back. They first converged in 2008, during a now-iconic part of The Martha Stewart Show, with their chemistry clear for all to see. Then, in 2016 they launched the VH1 cooking show, Potluck Dinner Party, which was so well-received that it was nominated for an Emmy. In 2018, the pair released a cookbook together. 

Last Friday (February 10th), Stewart uploaded a photo on Instagram showing her with a fresh tattoo of Snoop Dogg on her upper bicep. Comically, underneath the portrait of the Californian rapper, it has the words “My Dogg” written. In the picture, Stewart is beaming at tattoo artist Scott Campbell, with the scene implying that the work was nearly complete with the tattoo looking reasonably angry. 

“My Dogg!” Stewart captioned the picture. “Thanks for the amazing tattoo @scottcampbell. Forever linked in ink to my favorite @snoopdogg.”

“I got to tattoo a legend onto a legend,” Campbell wrote under his own Instagram post of the photograph. “Thanks @marthastewart48 and @snoopdogg. I can retire now.”

Reportedly, the tattoo is part of a new Skechers commercial that Stewart stars in. In light of this, People obtained a statement from the brand regarding the TV star’s new Snoop Dogg tattoo.

“Thanks to Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins® footwear, Martha Stewart is able to engage in her lesser-known hobbies including scoring a perfect 10 in competitive gymnastics to permanent body art of her comrade Snoop Dogg,” it reads.

Elsewhere, after the Grammy Awards ceremony concluded just over a week ago, a disgruntled Snoop Dogg took to social media to air his thoughts on constantly being snubbed by the Recording Academy, despite 20 nominations over the years. The ‘Gin & Juice’ rapper wrote on Instagram: “Snoop dogg. 20 nominations. 0 wins”.