Marilyn Manson loses Grammy nomination for Kanye West’s ‘Jail’
(Credit: Craig Noce)


Marilyn Manson loses Grammy nomination for Kanye West’s ‘Jail’

Ahead of the launch of Donda, Kanye West sought to drum up some fanfare surrounding his latest effort by adhering to the controversial mantra that there is no such thing as bad publicity and enlisting the ‘cancelled’ stars Marilyn Manson and DaBaby. 

Both musicians, however, had been questioned by the press for very good reasons—the sort of reasons that render the term ‘cancelled’ a flippant redundancy. 

Thereafter, the Grammys went ahead and nominated the middling album for an award. This meant that Manson was nominated by proxy. Due to a recent change in procedure, every single songwriter and producer credited on an album gets credit when said LP gets nominated for Album of the Year.

That nomination remains in place. However, when it comes to Best Rap Song, the Grammys have decided to strip the musician facing several charges, including rape, torture and threatening to murder someone, of his nomination. 

Manson is still credited as a songwriter on ‘Jail’, and Best Rap Song is traditionally given to the songwriters of a particular song, but it seems as though the Grammys wanted to quietly give Manson less of an opportunity to collect an award.

With Manson’s Los Angeles home recently raided by police and the ongoing court cases against him, it is unlikely that he will be making an appearance at the ceremony, but no doubt, the wayward West has a few controversial tricks up his sleeves.